Welcome to Growing Greatness

Growing Leadership and Advocacy for ALL!

Our Growing Greatness “Do-Kit” develops skills and provides engaging ways for community members to engage in community change, revitalization, social justice and policy-making processes. We celebrate YOU as your adventure begins! Thank you for joining us on this journey, for caring enough to grow yourself, to challenge the status quo and to step into the unknown. Here’s to possibility, to being unrealistic, to creating new relentless legacies and most of all to GROWING THE GREATNESS IN US ALL.

Growing Greatness stands for equity and justice and is manifesting the GREATNESS that exists within each of us and our communities. We facilitate workshops that activate the infinite potential within each of!  We spend time getting to know ourselves and what we stand for. We develop and identify our own passions and help our partners do the same! Together, our common values will lend themselves to manifest our goals- creating a container of community engagement that shifts the way we achieve powerful results. We provide workshops that are interactive and reflective to grow both personal capacity and community capacity. We facilitate bringing out the GREATNESS that already exists within us and our communities. For each community, we design and implement workshops to create the outcomes specifically desired and tailored for your work and projects.